Who doesn’t crave adventure? From hang-gliding through the alps to taking a month of to bike across the country – adventures are the things dreams are made of. Unfortunately, thanks to our jobs, our families, and the everyday routine of life these types of experiences usually remain as dreams. This is a shame because the world is so beautiful we could go our whole lives and not experience it. Remember, our Heavenly Father made the world for us. It’s the ultimate gift.

But how does a family fit in a huge adventure amidst soccer practice, two full time jobs, school, ballet, dinners, family, and a hundred other things? The answer is microadventures. Instead of planning one big family trip every year (if you’re lucky enough even to do that), take on smaller, local trips once or twice a month. These microadventures encourage you to find and explore amazing things right in your own neck of the woods.

The easiest microadventure is the family hike. Almost everyone has a trail near their house. Simply pack some snacks, hop in the car, and check it out! Other microadventures can be camping in your backyard, going on a family bike ride, tubing a local river, and even just driving to a new town. There are tons of ideas out there.

Exciting and thrilling adventures are not in exotic, far-away lands. They can occur right where you are standing. You just need to step right outside your door. The editor at Artofmanliness recently took on an 8-week microadventure challenge. He wanted his family to break out of their normal routine, which was becoming a rut, and rekindle the wonder and excitement in their lives. Check out his post and maybe you can try some of what he did:

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