The majority of churches around the world are experiencing a situation where women vastly outnumber men. Of course there’s nothing wrong with women, but why aren’t men going to church? As passionate Catholic husbands, fathers, and brothers, we take this problem very seriously. (In fact, it’s why we started our entire ministry.) At some fundamental level men are not being fed the meat that their souls need. But what is that meat specifically, and how to we get it back?

The crew at Art of Manliness recently interview David Morrow, author of the book “Why Men Hate Going to Church”. In this interview they discuss the ebb and flow of men’s involvement with Christian churches over the last 200 years, and the reasons for the various surges and declines. He also discusses the reasons why modern mega churches are so successful in attracting men.

There’s alot to unpack in this podcast. They discuss the differences in male and female spirituality, and how modern churches are missing a sense of mission, risk, and adventure, qualities that attract men. They also discuss how modern praise and worship music, with it’s focus on a loving relationship with Jesus the bridegroom, is successful at attracting women, but does nothing for men.

There’s alot more. I can’t recommend this podcast enough to any christian man interested in sharing the faith with their brothers.

Listen to “Why Men Hate Going to Church” on now.