PC AboutUs

Who are we?

We are members of a Catholic Men’s Fellowship based in Connecticut. We seek to help feed our brothers the best spiritual food. Twice a year we put on a private faith night for 70-100 men called Meat & Greet. Through exciting spectacle, delicious food, and engaging speakers we seek bring men together, refresh their souls and to encourage their spiritual and personal growth.

Helping Men

With God’s blessing our ministry has been very successful, and over the years men have approached us looking get more involved or even start their own fellowship. We love that enthusiasm and we want to support it! We hope this website is one way men can stay connected, continue growing, and to encourage each other to know Christ more.

In addition to the various posts on food, faith, and fun we will also share some tips on how to start your own Men’s Fellowship. We will also being sharing links to nationally recognized men’s groups that you may not be aware of. No man is an island, and bacon tastes better when there’s more than one. Being a part of a close circle of like-minded men who will support and encourage you in the faith is absolutely important.