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Just for fun

We’re Back! Out of the Desert

February 11, 2018 • By

Hi everyone, Prime-Cuts took a bit of a break there for a while, but we’re back. Expect plenty of content – maybe even once a week! Ha! Seriously though expect more posts here and a lot more on our Twitter/Facebook. There’s a desperate need for good men, excited by their faith,  to revitalize their families, their churches, and their BBQs. Let’s go!

Just for fun

It’s Lent Again: Earn These 14 Lenten Achievements and be the Best Catholic™

March 2, 2017 • By


It’s Lent again! Liven up your lamentations with this fun game you can play your friends and family!

Like a scavenger hunt of milestones, achievements have been used in video games for over a decade. They add an additional layer of fun to an already fun endeavor – which is why they are a perfect fit for Lent! There are certainly a number of important milestones for a Catholic to experience during Lent. Check out this list so you don’t miss a thing!


New Jesuit chief claims Jesus’ own words against divorce are subject to ‘interpretation’

February 24, 2017 • By

From LifeSiteNews & Rossoporpora (Italian)

Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, the new head of the Jesuit Order, has claimed in a recent interview that Jesus’ own words about divorce are subject of interpretation and personal interpretation. The interview is incredibly revealing as Fr. Arturo repeatedly prioritizes personal discernment over Catholic doctrine. Full disclosure: I think Fr. Arturo is dangerously incorrect. His arguments are vague at best, don’t hold any water against what has been taught by The Church two thousand years, and actually call into question everything Jesus said – not just his discourse on remarriage after divorce. That a prominent leader in the Church is spouting such heresies without shame in open interviews is such a dangerous sign of our times.


Evangelization in Action: Bishop Barron on The Rubin Report

February 22, 2017 • By

This is a fantastic interview between Bishop Barron and Dave Rubin. Bishop Barron is so adept at explaining the complex nature of philosophy and faith in terms that are easy to grasp. The first four minutes alone contain one of the best explanations of Causality I’ve heard.

Understandably, I feel that many people misinterpret the Catholic faith as a superficial routine based around arbitrary rules. (Mass, CCD, bingo nights, go home back to your normal routine, etc.) I think alot of people get turned off, rightfully, because there doesn’t seem to be any meat on those bones. Where’s the transcendence in Bingo Night? But the true meat of the faith is in it’s deep, philosophical understanding of the nature of truth and our desire for wonder, joy, and beauty. Unfortunately, there are not many people out there that understand this level of the faith and can accurately communicate that in an interview. Bishop Barron doing just that! Amazing.


[Podcast] Why Men Hate Going to Church

November 21, 2016 • By


The majority of churches around the world are experiencing a situation where women vastly outnumber men. Of course there’s nothing wrong with women, but why aren’t men going to church? As passionate Catholic husbands, fathers, and brothers, we take this problem very seriously. (In fact, it’s why we started our entire ministry.) At some fundamental level men are not being fed the meat that their souls need. But what is that meat specifically, and how to we get it back?


Danger First: The Education of Men

October 5, 2016 • By


Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick, of, has written an excellent article about the need for excitement, risk, adventure, and, yes, danger in the education and formation of young boys. As someone who has taught children from Kindergarten through high school, I fully agree with this.

In an effort to educate as many children as possible, as fast as possible, we’ve turned schools into factories. Children spend up to 5 hours a day in a single classroom, not moving, not talking, and expected to repeat tasks over and over to prove they are learning. Education has become as efficient as manufacturing plant’s conveyor belt – and just as exciting. Worse still, children who fail to do well in this particular system, either by learning slower or learning in a different way, are considered poorer students. Children were not made for the educational system, it (should be) the opposite.

Boys and girls need more than just rote memorization of facts. They desire to encounter the living world. In the article, Mr. Fitzpatrick focuses in on how young boys have a thirst for adventure.

Danger in education manifests itself in the art of drawing boys beyond their comfort zones to raw and rough experience. By embracing the perils of emotional exposure, intellectual doubt, spiritual exercise, social honesty, and competitive athletics boys assume the risks of the unknown, and gain a real knowledge of themselves and the world based on accomplishments and failures alike. This is the education that boys thrive on; and it is dangerous; but they should be permitted to face it on their own.

Read ‘Danger First: The Education of Men’ at



[Cartoon] Can Science Disprove God?

October 3, 2016 • By

Some atheists like to claim that “Science has disproved God”. This is false. Don’t be fooled. Science can not make this claim at all!

Science is an amazing tool to study and understand the physical world around us, but it is limited to only the physical. Science, by its very processes and nature, is incapable of telling us anything about the non-physical parts of life; from art, to beauty, to the soul, to our emotions, to why we do things at all. Don’t let people claim we are all just highly sophisticated meat-computers. What a joke! As Chesterton stated, those people can’t even say “Thank you” when someone passes them the mustard.

And don’t let those same people try to disprove God because he can’t fit in their box. Their box is too small, and God is too big!

Sean Forrest is a Catholic singer-songwriter, youth minister, speaker, and runs an orphanage in Haiti. He’s the man. Learn more about him here:

Sean Forrest

This clip is from a talk Sean gave at a Steubenville Conference in 2014. See the rest here:

Listen, Pray, Read

Finding and Forming Your Identity

August 29, 2016 • By


George MacDonald says, “a man is enslaved to whatever he cannot part with that is less than himself.”

What is our identity? I believe this is a very important question. Unfortunately, I also believe that the answer has been muddied and twisted by our current, over-heated, political climate. Phrased “What is your identity?” who can help but think of the myriad politically-correct, predetermined categories that seek to answer that question for us. White, black, hispanic, middle class, lower class, poor, rich, one-percent, gay, straight, bi, and everyday more are created. But this type of categorization is a distraction, and a lie. Have you ever wondered why the same political ruling class who champions equality-for-all continually separate us into smaller and smaller groups and goad us into feeling shame, guilt or rage for the other groups? This is identity used as a weapon.

But what is our identity?

Listen, Read

Answering Tough Questions about Chastity

July 7, 2016 • By


Jason Evert is one of the best Catholic speakers on the subject of chastity. He has dedicated his life to the very hard work of teaching teens the true goodness of sex and purity. On July 1st he appeared on the Catholic Answers radio podcast to answer questions about chastity. In the opening discussion he shared a story about a recent encounter with a teen who was dealing with transgender issues. This is a particularly hot topic now because of recent headlines with Bruce Jenner, Target, and more. Below is the story. Pay attention to how he answers this girls questions and clarifies her various feelings.

There is a great deal of confusion out there about sexuality, attraction, and identity, but there is a way through it. Often Catolics do not want to speak out because they do not know the answers, do not think their are answers, don’t want to make people upset, or just don’t want to be called a bigot. But there are answers.

Check it out, Jason speaks the truth in a loving way. That is how each of us should handle these issues.


Fr. Mike’s Independence Day Special

July 1, 2016 • By

An excellent reflection on freedom and independence from Fr. Mike Schmitz. In it he asks “are we as a people wise and virtuous?” It’s a great lesson. Please watch and think about it this weekend between those rounds of burgers and corn-hole!