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Have Big Fun With Microadventures

June 24, 2016 • By


Who doesn’t crave adventure? From hang-gliding through the alps to taking a month of to bike across the country – adventures are the things dreams are made of. Unfortunately, thanks to our jobs, our families, and the everyday routine of life these types of experiences usually remain as dreams. This is a shame because the world is so beautiful we could go our whole lives and not experience it. Remember, our Heavenly Father made the world for us. It’s the ultimate gift.

But how does a family fit in a huge adventure amidst soccer practice, two full time jobs, school, ballet, dinners, family, and a hundred other things? The answer is microadventures. Instead of planning one big family trip every year (if you’re lucky enough even to do that), take on smaller, local trips once or twice a month. These microadventures encourage you to find and explore amazing things right in your own neck of the woods.

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9 Things a Grown Man Can Learn from the Hardy Boys

April 6, 2016 • By


Art of Manliness has once again proven itself to be an unwavering resource for the man seeking self-improvement. This time, Bret & Kate McKay draw inspiration from classic childhood adventure series – the Hardy Boys!

There isn’t a boy alive who wouldn’t want to spend their free time on a risky adventure, facing danger and solving mysteries. It’s what all boys (and men) dream about! Now a grown man and a father, Brett explains that he re-read the first 6 books in the series and was blown away by how much these stories can teach grown men about resourcefulness, education, becoming morally, mentally and physically fit, and a host of other skills. Take a look, I’m sure you’ll be inspired to re-read these books yourself, and take up a new skill or three.

Click here to read “9 Things a Grown Man Can Learn from the Hardy Boys” from the Art of Manliness.


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17 Things to do on a Sunday

February 26, 2016 • By


Being completely honest, sometimes I need to be reminded how to have fun. It’s true! Since we are only given two days off a week let’s take advantage of it instead of just watching Netflix or surfing the net. Art of Manliness has a great (and quick) list of other things you can do on Sundays (or Saturdays!) to make the most use of the miracle that is the weekend. Take a look. Maybe you can do one or two this weekend.

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Life Lessons: How to Make A Paper Airplane

September 16, 2015 • By

How to tie your shoe, memorizing the 10 Commandments, and folding a respectable paper airplane are all important life skills that dads should teach their children. No kid wants to be the one who’s airplane spirals to the floor immediately after launch.

A proper paper airplane, smoothly sailing through the classroom your house, or outdoors is a thing of beauty. There are many different designs, and Youtube has plenty of step-by-step videos to get you going. And if videos aren’t your thing, check out this post over at Art of Manliness that has step-by-step photos.

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Climbing a Tree can improve cognitive skills, researchers say

August 6, 2015 • By


Climbing a tree and balancing on a beam can dramatically improve cognitive skills, according to a study at the University of Florida. The findings suggest working memory improvements can be made in just a couple of hours of these types of physical exercises.

Climbing (to the root of the issue)

The aim of this study was to see if proprioceptive activities completed over a short period of time can enhance working memory performance. According to BrainBlogger and osteopath, Dr. Sajid Surve, DO., Proprioception, is the body’s position sense, sometimes referred to simply as ‘body awareness’.

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Family Fun: DIY Marshmallow Shooters

July 31, 2015 • By

It’s time for another fun weekend project to do with your family. This time it’s PVC Marshmallow Shooters! The video above is from FunAwesome! on Youtube. There are also step-by-step written instructions on the blog These shooters are powered by blowing into them. At first I was skeptical, but the video shows them in action. The marshmallows shoot surprisingly far. I especially love how the kids are encouraged to come up with their own designs.

This looks like a much more entertaining way to use PVC than that time I had to put in a new sump-pump discharge line…

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How to Build a Man-Sized Slip-‘n-Slide

July 6, 2015 • By


Most likely, you enjoyed the fun of a Slip-‘n Slide as a kid. Now as an adult, and possibly father, it’s only natural to want to give your children the same fun you had – but better. Over at there’s a new article just in time for summer about how to build one of these awesome slides on your own.

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30 Ways to keep your kids active and faithful this summer

June 23, 2015 • By

Lifeteen is a great resource for youth ministers, but their resources don’t end there. has a blog filled with content written by young people for young people. In a recent post, Lifeteen editor Christina Mead has come up with 30 challenges to encourage teens to take advantage of summer. From backyard camping to garage sales to starting a 54-day rosary novena this is an awesome list not just for teens but for the whole family! Take a look, and share it with your household. Don’t let summer be just another time for the same old routines!

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