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Danger First: The Education of Men

October 5, 2016 • By


Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick, of, has written an excellent article about the need for excitement, risk, adventure, and, yes, danger in the education and formation of young boys. As someone who has taught children from Kindergarten through high school, I fully agree with this.

In an effort to educate as many children as possible, as fast as possible, we’ve turned schools into factories. Children spend up to 5 hours a day in a single classroom, not moving, not talking, and expected to repeat tasks over and over to prove they are learning. Education has become as efficient as manufacturing plant’s conveyor belt – and just as exciting. Worse still, children who fail to do well in this particular system, either by learning slower or learning in a different way, are considered poorer students. Children were not made for the educational system, it (should be) the opposite.

Boys and girls need more than just rote memorization of facts. They desire to encounter the living world. In the article, Mr. Fitzpatrick focuses in on how young boys have a thirst for adventure.

Danger in education manifests itself in the art of drawing boys beyond their comfort zones to raw and rough experience. By embracing the perils of emotional exposure, intellectual doubt, spiritual exercise, social honesty, and competitive athletics boys assume the risks of the unknown, and gain a real knowledge of themselves and the world based on accomplishments and failures alike. This is the education that boys thrive on; and it is dangerous; but they should be permitted to face it on their own.

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Have Big Fun With Microadventures

June 24, 2016 • By


Who doesn’t crave adventure? From hang-gliding through the alps to taking a month of to bike across the country – adventures are the things dreams are made of. Unfortunately, thanks to our jobs, our families, and the everyday routine of life these types of experiences usually remain as dreams. This is a shame because the world is so beautiful we could go our whole lives and not experience it. Remember, our Heavenly Father made the world for us. It’s the ultimate gift.

But how does a family fit in a huge adventure amidst soccer practice, two full time jobs, school, ballet, dinners, family, and a hundred other things? The answer is microadventures. Instead of planning one big family trip every year (if you’re lucky enough even to do that), take on smaller, local trips once or twice a month. These microadventures encourage you to find and explore amazing things right in your own neck of the woods.


Fr. Mike Reviews Batman v Superman

April 8, 2016 • By

From the description:

Fr. Mike critiques Zack Snyder’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He contends that the two heroes in the movie show off their great abilities, but they don’t show any nobility. The movie depicts Superman as a slacker and Batman as a bully. Fr. Mike asks if this is the kind of heroism we want to offer the youth? Or should we express how truth, justice and goodness are worth fighting for? Fr. Mike then proposes a backstory for the movie he would have found much more compelling.

Fr. Mike also points to the crisis of masculinity in our culture where young men are growing up and growing strong but do not know how to use their strength. Without a direct, a clearly defined purpose, and healthy father figures to show them the way, young men end up using their strengths for bad ends. Batman v Superman wastes a glorious opportunity to show how strength can be used for good. Heroes are people who know what the good is and choose it – who know what to do with their strengths.

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9 Things a Grown Man Can Learn from the Hardy Boys

April 6, 2016 • By


Art of Manliness has once again proven itself to be an unwavering resource for the man seeking self-improvement. This time, Bret & Kate McKay draw inspiration from classic childhood adventure series – the Hardy Boys!

There isn’t a boy alive who wouldn’t want to spend their free time on a risky adventure, facing danger and solving mysteries. It’s what all boys (and men) dream about! Now a grown man and a father, Brett explains that he re-read the first 6 books in the series and was blown away by how much these stories can teach grown men about resourcefulness, education, becoming morally, mentally and physically fit, and a host of other skills. Take a look, I’m sure you’ll be inspired to re-read these books yourself, and take up a new skill or three.

Click here to read “9 Things a Grown Man Can Learn from the Hardy Boys” from the Art of Manliness.


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[Podcast] Raising Rebels in a Pagan World

February 26, 2016 • By


Steve Ray is a regular contributor on Catholic Answers Radio and Steve Ray is a convert to the Catholic Church and the author of three best-selling Ignatius Press books (Crossing the Tiber, Upon this Rock, and St. John’s Gospel). He speaks at conferences around the world. He is a regular guest on The Journey Home and has appeared on many other radio and TV programs, including Fox News.

In his latest appearance on Catholic Answers Radio, Steve discusses the importance of raising our children with the necessary skills to remain Catholic in today’s culture. Steve explains that despite the christian roots of our country’s founding our current culture is unarguably pagan. Through a series of personal anecdotes from his own role as a father of four, he shares many tips about raising kids who can withstand the temptations, distortions, and traps of the modern world.

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Life Lessons: How to Make A Paper Airplane

September 16, 2015 • By

How to tie your shoe, memorizing the 10 Commandments, and folding a respectable paper airplane are all important life skills that dads should teach their children. No kid wants to be the one who’s airplane spirals to the floor immediately after launch.

A proper paper airplane, smoothly sailing through the classroom your house, or outdoors is a thing of beauty. There are many different designs, and Youtube has plenty of step-by-step videos to get you going. And if videos aren’t your thing, check out this post over at Art of Manliness that has step-by-step photos.


Why Every Man Should Be Strong

August 18, 2015 • By


Brett, from Art of Manliness, has written a very detailed post on the benefits of strength-building for men. I think this post is important because I think strength-training has gotten a bad rap, especially among the faithful. Among some Catholic/Christian men there is a line drawn between strength of character and strength of body. The argument goes that if that man spends time working out they must be doing it for superficial reasons and therefore must be a man of weak character.

As Brett says:

Too often we think of strength-building as something for shallow cads and dumb bros. We set up a false dichotomy between virtue and strength, brains and brawn.

Like Brett, I disagree with the overall argument, but I understand where it is coming from. Our culture, which exults the material and the sexual over all else, treats man’s physical appearance as paramount. Many men who are rightfully put-off by this pressure react by dismissing physical strength, instead suggesting that men should spend their time in “higher” pursuits like building character, virtue, and spirituality.

Why Choose?

This is definitely a case where intention, not practice, is the problem.

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How to Build a Man-Sized Slip-‘n-Slide

July 6, 2015 • By


Most likely, you enjoyed the fun of a Slip-‘n Slide as a kid. Now as an adult, and possibly father, it’s only natural to want to give your children the same fun you had – but better. Over at there’s a new article just in time for summer about how to build one of these awesome slides on your own.

Click here to read ‘How to Build a Man-Sized Slip-‘n Slide’ over at

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7 Saintly Reasons to have a Beard

June 30, 2015 • By


In choosing his first priests, Jesus chose men. It’s just as theologically important to point out that all of these men had beards. Did having a beard make these men more saintly? Maybe. Did it make their efforts to spread the Gospel that much more effective? It’s quite possible! The lesson here is never to argue with Jesus.

Seriously though, this post is all in good fun, and in no way do we look down upon any man who chooses to live beard-less. Nor do we think they will spend extra time in purgatory because of their naked chin (at least not that much).

In this post over at From the Friars, the good friars list out 7 (more) reasons why men should have beards.

There’s some fun stuff in this article, and lots of great quotes from past saints. Having an awesome beard isn’t a fad, but instead a time honored tradition dating back centuries.

In 198 AD St. Clement of Alexandria writes:

“For God wished women to be smooth, and rejoice in their locks alone growing spontaneously, as a horse in his mane; but has adorned man, like the lions, with a beard…”

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