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When your Job Doesn’t Matter that much

June 9, 2015 • By


We’ve all had those days where it feels like our jobs are very insignificant. Where it feels like they aren’t worth the time and energy we put into them. It’s very easy to start comparing what little positive is coming out of our work to the huge sacrifices of time away from family we are making to actually do the job. We start asking ourselves things like “Is this worth it?” and “Am I making a difference?” These questions are dangerous because they make a man doubt himself. So what are we to do? Where is God in these moments? Check out this article by Chris Hazell.

Maybe you’re a professional working for a company that sells a useful, but rather ordinary product. You aren’t spearheading health advancements that ease suffering in the world, launching initiatives that spur humanitarian efforts or composing essays that stir the social conscience. Nope. You sell insurance. Or software. Or Windex…

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