This is a fantastic interview between Bishop Barron and Dave Rubin. Bishop Barron is so adept at explaining the complex nature of philosophy and faith in terms that are easy to grasp. The first four minutes alone contain one of┬áthe best explanations of Causality I’ve heard.

Understandably, I feel that many people misinterpret the Catholic faith as a superficial routine based around arbitrary rules. (Mass, CCD, bingo nights, go home back to your normal routine, etc.) I think alot of people get turned off, rightfully, because there doesn’t seem to be any meat on those bones. Where’s the transcendence in Bingo Night? But the true meat of the faith is in it’s deep, philosophical understanding of the nature of truth and our desire for wonder, joy, and beauty. Unfortunately, there are not many people out there that understand this level of the faith and can accurately communicate that in an interview. Bishop Barron doing just that! Amazing.