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June 13, 2016 • By

The guys over here at run a biannual men’s faith night called Meat and Greet. We made this video for our most recent event. In it we discuss what it means to be a man of Christ. Each member of the team share’s their opinions on how the world has failed them as men, and how being a follower of Christ has lead them to a greater version of themselves. As Pope Benedict said “This world promises you comfort, but you were not made for comfort you were made for GREATNESS.”

You will also a see a small snap-shot of what our “Catholic Men’s Nights” are all about. Hint: These aren’t your grandma’s bible studies.

For more information on Meat and Greet and getting some of this program into your church, contact Sam Todzia at


[Watch Now] A Call to Battle

January 7, 2016 • By

“The average boy will spend more time watching television by the time he turns 6 years old than he will spend talking to his father over the course of his entire earthly life.”

From Bishop Olmsted’s apostolic exhortation “Into the Breach,” and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix comes this 10 minute, documentary-style short film that seeks to create awareness of a crisis in masculinity found in today’s society.

If you’ve read the original exhortation, you understand what a welcome gift it is. Please watch this video with your family, pray for your children, and share it with your friends.


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[Read Now] A Call to Battle for Catholic Men from Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix

October 3, 2015 • By


Release on September 29, the Feast of the Archangels , ‘Into the Breach: An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men’ is a call to action to all Catholic men to re-commit themselves to their faith in order to lead their families and their church through the many battles, lies, and confusion afflicting our society. It is a call to love just as much as it is a call to battle – for love is the weapon that destroys death, heals wounds, and brings us all to the truth of Christ.

“So many men today are confused about who they are and what they are called to do. They don’t even realize that they have a mission to fulfill. So it seemed to me it was important to help our men think seriously about who they are and what they are called to do – what they are called to be.” – Bishop Olmsted

The bishop breaks down his exhortation into 3 parts:  What does it mean to be a Catholic man? How does a Catholic man love? and Why is fatherhood, fully understood, so crucial for every man?

They even made a small video commercial for it! Check it out:

The Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted is the bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix. He was installed as the fourth bishop of Phoenix on Dec. 20, 2003, and is the spiritual leader of the diocese’s 1.1 million Catholics.

Click here to read ‘Into the Breach: An Apostolic Exhortation to Catholic Men’

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[Free Read] The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic

June 28, 2015 • By


More than rules and regulations, the Catholic faith is a relationship with the living God! From Him, everything else in our lives follows. He is the our source of purpose, our source of healing, and our source of love. Turn on the news. Our culture is confused, angry, and in desperate need of life-changing love. But on it’s own our culture can only answer these needs with placebos, escapes, and cover-ups. Our calling as Catholic men is to show the world that these ways are not good enough. Jesus is the way.

Now more than ever we are in need of dynamic witnesses who are passionate about their faith. Faithful men need to show others – including other Catholics – how amazing and life-changing a deep, personal, relationship with Jesus can be.

But how do we become those witnesses, and what can we really do? Matthew Kelly seeks to answer just that question in his book “The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic”.

Whether you are ready to let God take your spiritual life to the next level or want to help reinvigorate your parish, The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic promises to take you on a journey that will help you to live out the genius of Catholicism in your everyday life.

This book is pretty popular. You may have even seen it at your local parish. I encourage everyone to read it. There’s lots of ways you can order it online. There are also some study guides if you want to read through it with a group. But better than all of that you can download a free eBook and start reading right now!

Click here to get your FREE eBOOK of Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic


The Growing Grassroots Movement of Catholic Men’s Groups

June 7, 2015 • By

catholic men praying

A grassroots movement is growing among Catholic men in the United States. Spurred on by the culture wars, they are rallying to conferences, retreats, seminars, and parish study groups that aim to support them in their faith, encourage fellowship, and motivate Christian action in support of charity, social justice, pro-life causes, and the traditional family. Catholic men’s events have become phenomenally successful, gathering Catholic men from a wide spectrum of age ranges to hear motivational speakers, inspiring converts, and spiritual leaders.

It’s always great to hear how men in the faith are working together to help each other grow and stay strong. This article also has links to a number of different groups around the country. Perhaps some are in your area. If not then maybe you should start one!

Read The rise of militant American Catholic men on