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Into the Lion’s Den: How Dorm Life Promotes a ‘Hook-Up’ Culture at Catholic Colleges

February 23, 2016 • By

lion's den

Advancing from high school to college should be a monumental step in a child’s life. It is seen, rightfully so, as another large step forward into maturity, independence and adulthood. But what about your child’s path to sainthood? Is the college they are attending fostering that growth? To young men and women who value their soul, entering college is like stepping into the Lion’s Den.


[FYI] Scholastic to Promote Transgender Characters to Third Graders

September 10, 2015 • By

book fair

From LifeSiteNews,

“The Scholastic Corporation has sent school teachers and librarians 10,000 copies of the book, entitled George, which was written by self-described “queer activist” Alex Gino. In the children’s book, Gino tells a story of a 10-year-old boy who doesn’t feel like a boy, so he tells people he’s really “Melissa.” Scholastic’s website says the target audience for the transgender book is elementary children from 3rd to 7th grade.”

Quite simply, 3rd to 7th graders should not be targeted with this subject. This is not an issue of “book banning”. The issue here is that this subject is not appropriate for this age group. This book is presenting a complex, highly-debatabed issue as simple to understand and permissible. Mr. Gino’s aim is quite clear. He seeks to make the reader sympathize with the main character, a boy who thinks he is a girl, sympathize with the greater transgender agenda, and potentially encourage elementary school children to explore feelings of gender identity confusion.